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5 Reasons Travellers Can Do It Mahal-Tour East Holidays

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What could be better than spending a romantic vacation at the monument dedicated to one of the

greatest romantic acts of all time? Nothing is as majestic as the world-famous Taj Mahal, and nothing is

as incredible as the discovering India travel packages that are offered by Tour East Holidays. This tour offered for

vacation-goers looking for an exotic romance is ideal for couples seeking a refresher on love, or hoping

to get to know each other better. What better place to take your love than the sunset next to the Taj

Mahal? Here are the five reasons travellers can do it all at the Taj Mahal with Tour East Holidays.

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New York city - 3 Sep 2010 - Times square

Why You Should Visit The Big Apple

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Visiting New York is something that many people put on their list of things to do and places to go. New York City offers an exciting array of landmarks, museums, theatres, art galleries, nightlife, and restaurants that can provide people with genuine entertainment and enjoyment. While New York City itself offers multiple things to do for people on all different types of budgets, the state of New York also offers beautiful scenery, romantic bed and breakfast inns, and outdoor festivals, camping opportunities, and exploration expeditions.

Some people save for a long time to make their New York vacation a lasting, wonderful memory. There are many overnight lodging options in New York City that provide some of the most amazing and posh accommodations on the planet. From butler service, hand-pressed linens, fresh flowers, showers with power jets, and private terraces, opulent hotels in New York City work diligently to cater to every whim of guests to ensure maximum pleasure and comfort.

Moderately-priced accommodation options in New York City offer close access to some of the highlights for tourists of the city. Visiting Staten Island, the shops of Greenwich Village, and off-Broadway shows is possible for people who book lodging within close proximity of these must-see city attractions. When visiting NYC, tourists will be able to window shop, bargain with thrift store workers, set their sights on fabulous designer vintage apparel and accessories, and enjoy some of the finest cuisine in the world. When a day of sightseeing, shopping, and dining is finished, tourists can retreat to their hotel or enjoy a neighborhood bar for late night cocktails to complete their day.

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canada flag

Discover Canada From One Coast To The Other

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When the call of the road beckons, answer it with a cross-country trip in Canada. The road trip has deep roots, offering the most intimate form of travel. There’s no better way to experience Canada than hitting the road. Have an up-close Canadian adventure from one coast to the other.

Canadian Road Trip Advantages

Embrace the adventure with a Canadian itinerary based on favorite activities. With a road trip, there’s the pleasure of staying at locations filled with new friends and traveling over the land. Take part in opportunities to enjoy local entertainment or side trips. Organized road trips often include optional activities such as sports events, cycling, treks, recreational excursions, special meals and more.

Camping saves on the cost of lodging and allows travelers to bask in Canada’s abundant natural areas. Wake up to the sounds of birds and streams at campgrounds across the country. Campfires, singing, meals in the outdoors and the sights and sounds of real wilderness soothe the spirit.

For the adventurous road tripper, take advantage of all the scenic stops to hike, kayak and bike in the vibrant Canadian country side. An active vacation gives a personal view of this vast country and its diverse natural wonders. Enjoy fitness benefits, photo opportunities and up-close views of nature while kayaking clean waterways. White water rafting or canoeing give an adrenaline rush in the midst of pristine scenery.

For a genuine wilderness experience, visits to Canada’s lush parks give travelers the chance to see the original Canada. This is the land as it was centuries ago. Some of the areas are still home to bears.

Coast to Coast Canada

Scenic areas including mountains, shaded valleys with wildflowers, rushing streams, wildlife, colorful sunsets and hot springs and rugged coastlines entrance visitors.

Experience the rush of exploring a frontier while travelling close to nature and enjoying excursions to enjoy the sites. This country offers a blend of influences, including French, indigenous people and international cultures. The art, handcrafts, food and museums celebrate the different elements that make up Canadian life.

Canada’s bustling cities offer a stimulating change of pace with their metropolitan flair. Explore top-notch restaurants, museums, old and new architecture, and abundant shopping opportunities. Welcoming people and diverse nightlife options make urban Canada memorable.

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Choosing Quality Accomodations for Your Vacation

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When you’ve scrimped and saved over the course of several months for a special vacation getaway, you want to be sure that you book the best accommodations that you can afford. A hotel, motel or vacation home that isn’t up to your standards can quickly ruin a vacation and leave you wishing for the comforts of home. Fortunately, when you do your research ahead of time, you can greatly increase your chances of booking accommodations that make for a pleasant stay and an amazing vacation.

Determine Your Needs
Before searching for a place to stay, it’s important to determine what kind of place you desire. Count how many are in your party, and decide how many beds and bedrooms you require. If you’re bringing an infant or toddler, check to see whether or not the vacation home provides a crib or a cot, or whether you’ll need to bring your own along. Consider also, whether you want a bustling city location or a quiet, secluded place in the country. Decide whether or not you want a self-catering accommodation, or whether you want a place that offers daily maid service to restore order to your rooms.

Check the Reviews
While every website and travel brochure is designed to show off the premises to the best advantage, travelers are often surprised when they arrive at a hotel or resort to find that it only vaguely resembles the promotional images. Before you plunk down a large deposit to secure accommodations that may be substandard, check out travel reviews by those who’ve visited the property recently. Online reviews offer a wealth of detailed information, both good and bad, and will allow you to assess your potential satisfaction.

Assess Onsite Activities
When onsite activities are important to you, filter your choices by what the vacation property has to offer. Independent vacation homes, cottages and cabins may offer few or no activities for visitors. Resorts and hotels, on the other hand, often present their guests with a plethora of events. If you’re looking for nightly luaus, skiing parties in the lodge or elegant dinner and dancing activities, ask the management what types of activities are available and how often they occur.

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